Detal unit

A new design in dentistry, new technical solutions - that is the leading dental unit VIZIO L. The unit is designed for all types of dental procedures, for demanding users who appreciate individuality, comfort, ergonomics, functionality and new solutions, such as doctor's table with the large capacity glass touchscreen keyboard or storage box with light and service parts located in the column of the dental unit. VIZIO dental unit offers also a world timeless design that has not an alternative in the world of dentistry. Customers can choose from 8 shades of metallic colors and also from 3 themes of wallpapers in 10 color shades. Unit´s individuality can be pointed out by customer´s choice of wallpaper with his or her own design, provided at his/her request. The dental unit VIZIO L provides comfort at work. It will highlight the individuality of each doctor, and will create space for modern art in dentistry in your clinic where not only you will feel comfortable but also your patients will do.

General specification:

Nominal voltage 230 V ± 10%
Nominal frequency 50 Hz ± 5%
Max. power input at 50 Hz 350 VA
Air supply pressure 0.27 - 0.6 MPŠ°
Water supply pressure 0.45 - 0.6 MPa
Weight 145 kg ± 5 kg
Type of electrical protection Class I.
Level of electrical protection Device type B
Water temperature for cup 36 ± 5 °C