Dental s Units

Dental unit VIZIO S substitutes its predecessor product Chiradent Effekt that was successfully marketed for more than 10 years. VIZIO S has been designed to allow the dental surgeon to perform basic treatments. The instrument table of the doctor is equipped in contrary to the units VIZIO L and VIZIO E with a large-scale glass keyboard and touch-keyboard. The pantographic arms are featured by more simple design and construction. The unit cannot be ordered with chrome plating, custom wallpapers, upholstery belts, eventually with metallic finish.

Upon special order at extra charge additional equipment as e.g. separation system, suction, instruments and other tools can be supplied with the unit that will increase its value to higher-level line as that of our other models brand VIZIO.

  • Dental unit L s26
  • Dental unit L s27
  • Dental unit s28
  • dental unit s29
  • Dental unit s30
  • Dental unit s33
  • Dental unit s32
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